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“The minute you put the two of us in the ring, the fans just got it. We both came in around the same time so we had been in the business for the same amount of time, which gave the fans a chance to get to know us both and grow with us and see us evolve and things like that. So, there was a real connection with the audience. So, no matter if she was a good guy or a bad guy, we always felt like we could really connect with the crowd and kind of create that ‘Oh my God’ moments.”

“I want people to go, ‘Oh right, Trish Stratus. She was the greatest Women’s Champion ever. ‘”

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I just wanted to let you all know that in September, I’ll be delivering a little Stratusfaction!

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Trish Stratus held the WWE Women’s Championship at a record of seven times. The last time she held the title was at “Unforgiven” 2006, when she defeated Lita and then retired from the WWE.

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Thank you guys, for… thank you for comin’ on this… amazing, awesome ride. Thank you.

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