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Tap is at 9, then Jazz at 10 for 2 hours on Monday… Tap is just in one hour sessions and ballet is one and a half. I liked my lie ins on a Thursday… But hey, I gotta get my dance in at some points I suppose! What would the third dance class be?

thats not too bad. hey, at least dance is something you enjoy and its super fun c:

i kind of miss tap, tbh. but i can’t just take a solo tap class. so realistically, i’d probably pick up hip hop again. that class was always fun and the teacher is really nice.

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  1. thebritishvoice said: That’s cool. My tap teacher is German and very very hard to understand! I’m not that good at tap to be honest. Ah well, as a Musical Theatre student, I gotta like a little bit of it! Not a big fan of Hip Hop. Not my style. Much prefer Broadway Jazz.
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